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yeah, so i totally loled when dude got hit in the nuts. U could almost feel his pain as he writhed on the ground. Well done!

holy shit

that was pretty freakin amazing

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It cracks me up how people keep voting down this game because of their own retardedness....

Great game man. Went through with a 95 percent. I'm assuming the final 5 percent was because i didn't bother trying to beat the "secret spot". Maybe I'll go through again just for the hell of it. Till then... let's place some castle crashers dammit!

Don't listen to the dumbshits...

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Fitting name....
It probably describes what chicks go through when they see his fuggin saggy, God awful smelling, sweaty, piece of shit ass face. And I'm being generous not talking about his fucking mother as well. We all already know she's a whore though...

Great game man! This game deserves all the respect it's getting. Most people don't realize how much effort it actually does take to make a game like this. As well as collaborating with other people to get things like music, and artwork done. And the fact that it actually costs money. I don't need to tell you that though. You pretty much explained it all IN YOUR DESCRIPTION AND BLOG!!! READ IT DUMBASSES!!!

But yeah... sweet fuggin game!

Lots of effort!

It looks like there was a lot of time and effort put into this game and it really paid off. It does what few other games on this site do... actually present a challenge.

Also, the graphics were amazing for a flash game. I completely disagree with the dude earlier that complained about the graphics being too good. That's the most insanely dumb thing I have ever heard. Graphics may not make gameplay. but it sure does make games easier on the eyes. Good work on that.

The controls were spot on. I see people complain about not being able to aim and shoot. Well no shit! It's not a shoot game, it's a strategy game. The hero is like a turret you can move around and should be used as such. The fact that you can't aim where the hero shoots actually makes it easier in my opinion. You place the hero where he/she is most effective so you can carefully exam where you want to put your next towers.

Bottom line is. the author spent a lot of time thinking about things like these and I think he pulled it off pretty damn well. That deserves a 5/5 and a 10/10 from me.

Keep up the good work!

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Superman is an easy choice. Superman has the single most memorable superhero theme of all time. I've seen every Batman movies and cannot remember a single theme from any of them. Whether you like the dude or not, superman wins this one.

wyldfyre1 responds:

Good vote!

Another great remix! It's great to hear how your music has progressed throughout the years. Quite a bit a bit different than the old voxbox tunes you used to write years ago, haha. Keep hammerin them out bro, I look forward to each and every new mix!

AkumajoBelmont responds:

Geez thanks man! Glad you approve!!! :) Yeah, it's very different to what I usually do, but in the process, I think I've come up with probably the best track I've done yet :)


Isn't this just a beat that comes preloaded on FLStudio?


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